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Earthquake Hazards Program

Earthquake Travel Times: Recent Earthquakes

Generate a listing of the times that phases arrived at your seismic station
from recent earthquakes.

Seismic station coordinates: Latitude
-90,+90 decimal degrees
north positive, south negative
-180,+180 decimal degrees
east positve, west negative
Most distant earthquake source: (degrees from your station)
Minimum magnitude:
Minimum zero to peak ground amplitude in micrometers at 1 second period: (Use 0.0 to ignore this criterion.)
Minimum zero to peak ground amplitude in micrometers at 20 seconds period: (Use 0.0 to ignore this criterion.)
Source: ANSS Accumulated listing for the past 14 days
Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) data are from the NEIC and from participating U.S. regional networks.
This listing is updated as new events are located.
Phases: No phases, just list selected events
P,Pdiff,PKP, and PKiKP
P, Pdiff, PKP, PKiKP, S, Sdiff, and SKS
All branches

Earthquake Travel Time Information and Calculator Home Page

** By using the button "Store coordinates," the station coordinates that currently appear will be stored by your browser for later use. They are retrieved by using the button "Retrieve coordinates." When you exit your browser, these values will be stored on your hard disk. This information is stored in a file named cookies.txt, and the term used for this is saving "cookies." Only the computer that originally stored the information as a cookie can get it back again.

Travel times are based on the IASP91 earth model (Kennett, B.L.N. and Engdahl, E.R., 1991, Traveltimes for global earthquake location and phase identification, Geophys. J. Int., v 105, pp 429-465). The program was developed with help from Arthur Snoke and subroutines from Ray Buland (ftp Note that times are approximate and that no ellipsoid corrections are made.


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